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Understanding Library eBook and Kindle Lending

This fall, Amazon and the library ebook vendor OverDrive brought two new kinds of ebook lending to the market. In September, OverDrive announced a partnership with Amazon which allowed people to borrow public library books to read on their Kindles (or through Kindle apps). (How to check out a library book on your Kindle.)

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How to Put Library Books from Overdrive on Your Nook — a Visual Tutorial

One of the biggest reasons I got my Nook was because of its compatibility with Overdrive, the ebook database my library subscribed to. It’s very easy to borrow a book and put it on your Nook, but it’s not intuitive and there aren’t many good non-video tutorials out there, so I’m making this one. I’ll demonstrate by checking out Club Dead from my library’s Overdrive system, transferring it to my Nook, and returning it. Click on almost any image to see a full-size version pop up (a few were small enough to fit in the post space).

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