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Here and Yet to Come: A 1957 Space Scrapbook

In the fall of 1957, my mother was 12 years old. She had a budding interest in science and an especial interest in space because 1) it was the fall of 1957 and 2) her father was an aeronautics engineer who was just being drafted (unsure if it was just before or just after Sputnik) into becoming an astronautical engineer (which he remained until he retired in the 1980s). From October to December of 1957, she clipped every story she could find (most likely from her hometown newspaper near Aberdeen proving ground, where they lived at the time).

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Dear Banshee:

Banshee, do you copy? It’s us, Squid and LateNight. (mouseover the pics…or else) You know, your wingmen? Good news, we weren’t blown up. We’ve crashed on a strange planet. I think it might be…Kobol. Or even Earth. There are ruins here, some ancient human architecture. And on it, we found an odd symbol painted… Most […]

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