My name is Ruth. I’m 27 and live in a metropolitan area. For reasons I don’t understand any more except that I love to read, I have a B.A. in English Literature. I’m in library school, specializing in archives with strong tech interests. I’m already working in a library and, if you’re not in the field, you might even call me a librarian. If you are in the field, I’m just a paraprofessional.

Some of my friends think that I’m “Sunshine and Cthulhus.” They might be right. My mom died in Summer of 2010 after over 5 years of battling terminal cancer. That has dimmed the sunshine a little, but I’m doing my best.

I’ve been married for over 6 years to “Professor X.” He’s just getting started as a professor, but he’s several years older than I am and several years ahead of me in school, etc. I have the advantage on him in terms of work experience, though, since I’ve been working ever since graduating college, up to three jobs at a time.

This blog is called “Being Ruth” because that’s something I’ve been thinking about more over the last few years. I used not to accept a lot about myself. I felt bad for not being more stylish. I felt embarrassed for being so nerdy/geeky. I felt awkward and sometimes ashamed for being smarter than some of my peers. I didn’t fit in with the people I thought were cool. I even hated my name because it was so old and I was so young.

College was a turning point for me, at least a little. It was in college that I met other people with the same interests (offline, for once) and was able to enjoy playing RPGs and hanging out with people who didn’t think it was weird if I knew strange details about Star Wars or Star Trek or Firefly (or what Firefly was). I also learned to appreciate the meaning of my name and its uniqueness.

What I’ve discovered is that while who I am isn’t who everyone else is, it’s who I’m happy being. I like being Ruth. There are rough edges I’d like to smooth down, good qualities I’d like to develop and bad qualities I’d like to suppress. But when it comes to my interests, my tastes, and my goals, I’m happy. I’ll always be nerdier than some and completely out-geeked by others. I’ll always enjoy classical music, opera, and heavy metal. I’ll make traditional quilts and crochet tiny Cthulhus.

I also realized that I don’t have to be perfect, either, not 100% up on trivia about any show or author, not the world’s best crafter, not the world’s most awesome coder, not a bestselling writer. I can enjoy the things I enjoy to the extend possible and to the extent that they’re still fun and not overwhelming.

So this is me. And this is my blog. And this is my Twitter account @cthulhuchick.

This is the About page I wrote, but check out this other about page written by my friend @nerdsherpa!

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